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Internationalisation as an Essential Part of Participatory Citizenship Education

Each student at Zwijsen College is stimulated to participate in society as an active citizen. In and around Veghel, our society is internationally oriented, as many internationally operating companies are located here. Therefore, education in the areas of participatory citizenship and internationalisation are an essential part of each student’s curriculum. They can develop their international knowledge, skills, attitude and entrepreneurship even while participating in different international activities. 

Zwijsen College has a long-standing tradition of international exchanges and European projects, such as Comenius and Erasmus-plus. In this way, we contribute to the personal development of our students as citizens of Europe and the wider world. Our long-term exchange project with our bilingual Dutch-German partner school in Goch for third form students is an example of co-creating meaningful international experiences. 

In our aims, we explicitly state that we want to invite students to take the lead in determining the steps in their own learning process. Learning activities take part in school, but also in contact with students of partner schools abroad, companies in the region and experts from universities. Starting in 2016-2017, we aim to broaden and deepen the possibilities. Our goal is that each Zwijsen student actively participates in an international exchange project, at least once during their school career. We have chosen to offer this to all third form havo students. During the next school year, we will expand the offer to third form vwo students. In the upper forms the invitation to take part in international activities is increasingly linked to the personal learning stream of the student and the attached curriculum. For example, students taking part in an international robotics challenge is part of the possibilities for pupils in the science stream.

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Food and Sustainability Thrive in year 3.

The international project in the third form of havo focuses on a current social topic: Food and Sustainability. In groups, students delve into the impact of sweeteners, salt, water and the weather on the production of food. During bilateral visits abroad and the multilateral visit in Veghel, pupils visit farms and companies that produce in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way. Working in international project groups, students gain knowledge of scientific innovation projects in eight countries in Europe. Moreover, they also improve their language skills and grow as an individual. Our partner schools are located in Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Germany. As Zwijsen College is an Academic Teacher Training School (AOS), exchanging educational experiences and discussing pedagogical content knowledge between teachers is also part of the project. In short, this is a well-founded and solid project for all partner schools and a significant contribution to education in terms of citizenship at our school. 

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Our partner-schools are:
Gimnazija LEDINA ( in Slovenia
SIS Caterina Percoto ( in Italy
AEJAC (http://WWW.ESTAVIRA.COM) in Portugal
Frederiks skole ( in Denmark
col.legi sagrada Familia ( in Spain
Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Libuszy ( in Poland
Leni Valk Real Schule ( in Germany 

The results of our FAST Erasmus+ project are published on the European Webgate ( and Etwinning ( To get public access to these website, please contact us at